Re: Which Router for VPN and Webhosting

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Date: 09/17/03

Date: 16 Sep 2003 19:28:42 -0700

"Duane Arnold" <> wrote in message news:<5uw9b.468657$o%2.210229@sccrnsc02>...
> I appreciate your comments here so don't get me wrong.
> > The PC I am using to write this has 98SE on it, I took off the XP it
> > came with when I read the EULA. it seems quite stable and
> > does graphics, writes DVD's records audio and video and
> > has not had any virus's / trojans and the clock keeps good
> > time :)
> If that is what you choose to do, then who am I to knock it. It's your
> machnie.
> > However why we got into this is that the original poster mentioned
> > she wanted to run a web server and I pointed out that you +can+
> > do that on a win/98 machine as its likely to be an undemanding
> > task so an old heap of junk does nicely.
> I don't think the OP cares, because it was indicated by the OP that it was
> IIS and Win 2k that was being used.
> > I installed a company
> > intranet web server on a P200 recently and it goes great.
> The operative word is Intranet and one should not have any issues in taking
> a Win 98 machine and this WEB server application and deploying it for
> internal company usage. On. the other hand, what are they using for the
> Internet? I would hope it's not a Win 98 machine running this Web Server
> application.
> What's to say that some savvy pissed-off company employee couldn't attack
> that Win98 Intranet Web server machine and take it down, because there is
> for sure nothing on that Win 98 O/S that's going to stop he or she from
> doing it. Maybe, the better approach is to take a Win NT based O/S and lock
> it down so that it cannot be attacked easily from in side the network.

>.....<Snipped for brevity>

Actually, Win98SE actually can be locked up better than Win2k/XP
with a few 3rd party add-ons and it's inherently more secure in
theory because it has fewer exploitable ports, as demonstrated by
how Win98/95 PC's being immune from Blaster-type attacks. As far
as Win98 not being supported, that's irrelevant -- if it works,
it works. And you don't have to worry about silly things like
user licenses with Win98.

The only real issue involving Win98 is stability. Install it clean
on a freshly formatted drive and be very wary of updates to IE and
Media Player. Avoid all updates to the latter and maybe only update
IE to just plain 5.0 or 5.01 SP2 at best (both available at
but download and use Opera or Mozilla (the Firebird build rocks)
for everyday safe browsing.

Xitami is a very fast (mucho faster than Apache and IIS), stable
Web and FTP server. It uses text files for configuration, but it's
much easier than Apache.

As far as the basic question posted goes, I can vouch for the
Linksys firewall router, but I've run into a high rate of heat
sensitivity, with the router freezing, with the cheaper routers
in general and SMC in particular. Linksys hasn't been as bad as
the SMC's but I've run into two that needed "supplemental cooling,"
i.e. a nearby fan, with the last one being the Linksys firewall
router model.

And whether your ISP allows you to run a web server....

Hope this helps.