Re: Hacking made easy

From: LabRat (
Date: 09/12/03

Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 11:50:14 -0400

Firewalker+ wrote:

> IMHO, I don't think it should win any award but 'the longest time spent in
> jail-award' for this type of applications...
> This is just what puts us back a few years regarding the overall trust in
> the Internet...
> Thanks, may you receive lots of cards... from your 'friends'...

But doesn't that make it a great project for a hacker group? Rip it apart,
learn how it works in stealth, and find a way to kill the bitch. Hackers are
the front line against corporate crapware and government spyware. If hackers
don't rip it up and find out how to protect ourselves from such BS, who will?
M$ coders? I think they did more to kill trust than the *hackers* who wrote
this app. Yes, I said hackers. Who else would have pulled apart the OS and
security protocols to understand how to write a stealth app? They probably
have a second web site selling the patch to block this thing. Well, maybe not
hackers--true hackers would have shared their knowledge for free.