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From: Jean-David Beyer (
Date: 09/08/03

Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 07:06:21 -0400

Ed Murphy wrote (in part):

> 2) Linux is effectively descended from Unix, and as such, it has
> incorporated the concept of "there's root and there's non-root, and
> most things should be done as the latter" from day one. NT/2000
> are (as I understand it) effectively descended from MS-DOS/Win3.1
> and VMS; the former brings with it the concept of "there's only one
> user, and that user has an easy time of doing whatever he damn well
> pleases-- and any programs run on that user's watch have an equally
> easy time of doing whatever *they* damn well please". Yes, there is
> *now* an administrator / non-administrator distinction, but it's a
> relatively late-coming concept.

Yes, but let us consider a recent Microsoft OS distribution, Windows XP
Home. According to "Windows XP in a Nutshell" by Karp, O'Reilly, and
Mott, page 6, Table 1-1:

                 Windows XP Home Windows XP Professional
User Accounts All users are administrators, Different user levels are
                 so there's no way to set up supported. Administrators
                 user accounts with limited have unrestricted control,
                 privileges or protect files but each user's files can
                 from other users. be encrypted and secured
                                               from other users.

So unless this is an error in the book, even recent Microsoft
distributions are lacking in this respect. UNIX OS has had this feature
since the early 1970s for sure, and probably from day one (or two?).

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