Re: IGMP? Please help im freaked!

From: Florian Reitmeir (
Date: 09/07/03

Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2003 15:17:02 +0200


> can some one please explain to me whats going on. my firewall keeps
> giving me different errors like these, over 100 of them...
> McAfee Firewall blocked an outgoing IP packet. The IP protocol type
> was 2 [IGMP]. The remote address associated with the traffic was
> The network adapter for the traffic was "WAN Miniport
> (IP)".
> The binary data contained in the packet was "3c 9f 20 ..... ".

why do you use a program which output you don't understand ?

> thanks for any explanations...

If you really interessted in an explanation ask Symantec, they should know
what they are blocking.

IGMP, is Protocol like TCP/UCP/ICMP, it is used for Multicast. So it looks
like a Program from you most likely MediaPlayer or RealPlayer tried to get
a Videostream from Internet and your Firewall blocked the access.

cu Florian