Re: Hacker's Secret Weapons -- Holy Cow !

From: Lohkee (
Date: 09/07/03

Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2003 12:26:26 GMT

<Colonel> wrote in message

> Perhaps our friend Tracker shares some similarity. I would however have a
> word of warning for her. Presenting herself as a security expert can carry
> some liability with it. Security malpractice if you will. Without a caveat
> emptor, or an interactive EULA to cover the "expert" security advice, why
> shouldn't she be held liable for any real costs involved should her expert
> security advice be wrong causing a client to be compromised? The way
> supenas are flying around ISP's lately, I doubt it would be hard to
> confront her.
> Tracker, are you listening?

On the other hand, a popular "signature" used within the group ("The User by
the name "Tracker" aka "Debbie", VPNSISHACKERSSECRET, aka "snailmail"
regularly posts incorrect, misleading and damaging information,
to rely on the advice of this person could result in irreparable damage to
your system.. . . "), in addition to many of the other statements about this
individual made within the postings themselves, could very easily be
construed as libel. Publishing statements about medical conditions (as fact)
without an MD could also get the poster into some serious difficulty. Not
exactly the type of behavior that "professionals" or "experts" within a
field tend to exhibit. Her "book" might not ever make a dime, but with a
good attorney this newsgroup could prove to be a veritable goldmine. Food
for thought.