Re: Best Kept Secrets
Date: 09/02/03

Date: 2 Sep 2003 01:52:47 GMT

Tracker <"snailmail(remove/valid)222000"> wrote in

> Iíve yet to find a person to dispute my knowledge. In order for
> anyone to do so, they would need to provide my statement, how itís
> incorrect and how to correct the problem the correct way. No takers
> have challenged any of my statements with these above answers.

Are you so flippant as to ignore the responses I and so many others have
posted as challenges and disputes? Why do you constantly sidestep the
issues at hand? By what right do you declare yourself keeper and
purveyor of knowledge when you refuse to demonstrate any of that

Since you have posed many questions here, allow me to pose one or two.
If you answer correctly, I will recant any doubts I had about your level
of knowledge:

  While operating my computer on the internet, it slows to a crawl.
  Nothing seems to function and the hard drive light is lit solid.
  My AV program icon shows it's running, and both firewalls are
  operational. What kind of a vulnerability has been exploited?

Everyone else, please let Debbie answer this.

> Send me the money and Iíll send you a copy of my book. Snake oil went
> out with the pioneers and indians.

I'm sorry, but you still did not answer any of my questions in this
regard. Please review them and respond.

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