Re: Deleting temp internet files

From: Graeme (_at_)
Date: 08/30/03

Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 10:58:47 +1000

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>> Why not just go to IE Tool/Internet Options/General/Under Temp
>> Internet Files click delete. You can do the same for Cookies and
>> History.
>> Further if you go to IE /Tools/Int Options/Advanced then scroll down
>> to where if you wish you can tick 'Empty Temp Int Files Folder when
>> Browser closes."
>> Seems much simpler to me
> Clearing them from DOS removes the protected files that are left
> behind if you use the windows method. Depends on how thorough you
> want to be (how paranoid you are). ;o)
> Ian
You may well be right from a Privacy point of view ,my main aim in deleting
such files is to reduce clutter though I thought that deleting correctly
through Windows did also remove the references from the Index Dat files as
well. This I understand does not happen if the files are deleted
individually by manual method.