McAfee Firewall Alert. What shall I do?

From: Paddy O'Barnes (
Date: 08/29/03

Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 16:13:02 GMT

I'm having problems with a popup. It is a McAfee Firewall Rule Violation,
telling me a programhas tried to access the Internet in a new way. The damn
thing pops up every few
minutes. Of course, my popup killer also pops up to tell me about it. Here
is the information:
Installed Saturday August 18, 2001
What did it try to do: Outbound UDP/IP, to port 30113, IP address

I don't known what it is, what it wants, nor what it will do if I click on
Yes. Would
appreciate any assistance on this. (Remove
Paddy O'Barnes