Re: the other day somebody in yahoo chat threatened to "burn " my computer .

From: R Green (
Date: 08/21/03

Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 05:34:30 GMT

Well, unless that person has access to your house or wherever you are that
has that computer and IP, you have no worries about him burning your
computer literally :)

Seriously though, it just sounds like someone trying to let off steam.. I'd
be a little worried though if I didn't have my computer patched up-to-date
and using some sort of firewall...

I'm assuming you've done both.

R Green
Technical Support

"lousy flagpins" <> wrote in message
> the other day in yahoo chat somebody thought i was :
> "booting" him and threatened to "burn" my computer in retaliation.
> does anyone know what he was talking about. (i know of one case where
> a particularly obnoxious type had some problems but he assumed it was
> a power surge.)

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