Re: Computer Security

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Date: 08/19/03

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 18:50:51 +0200

"Flores" <> wrote in message
> Hi, everyone. I would like to test the integrity of the security of my
> personal computers. I have two computers not connected to each other in
> way- one in the living room, the other in the kitchen. How can I retrieve
> files from my kitchen computer from my living room computer using FTP or
> Telnet? I have the kitchen computer's IP address, now what? Any and all
> help will be welcomed. Thank you guys. :-)
If you're not going to connect them then some sort of disk will be in order:
floppy, zip, cd. On the other hand wireless or a cross-cable will likely be
very handy. What has this got to do with security exactly. If the systems
are not connected to anything they should be pretty safe!