Listening ports?!

From: Alsvik, Ture (
Date: 08/18/03

Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 00:00:00 +0200

C:\>netstat -a

Active Connections

  Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
  TCP w2k_machine:ftp w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:smtp w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:http w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:pop3 w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:epmap w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:https w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:microsoft-ds w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:1031 w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:1035 w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:1037 w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:3006 w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:3007 w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:8080 w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:44337 w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:1025 w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:1025 w2k_machine:3006 ESTABLISHED
  TCP w2k_machine:1025 w2k_machine:3010 TIME_WAIT
  TCP w2k_machine:3005 w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:3006 w2k_machine:1025 ESTABLISHED
  TCP w2k_machine:3007 w2k_machine:8080 ESTABLISHED
  TCP w2k_machine:8080 w2k_machine:3007 ESTABLISHED
  TCP w2k_machine:netbios-ssn w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:3002 w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:3003 w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:3004 w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:netbios-ssn w2k_machine:0 LISTENING
  TCP w2k_machine:1030 TIME_WAIT
  TCP w2k_machine:8080 XP_machine:3015 TIME_WAIT
  TCP w2k_machine:8080 XP_machine:3016 TIME_WAIT
  TCP w2k_machine:8080 XP_machine:3017 TIME_WAIT
  TCP w2k_machine:8080 XP_machine:3216 TIME_WAIT
  TCP w2k_machine:8080 XP_machine:3217 TIME_WAIT
  TCP w2k_machine:8080 XP_machine:3508 TIME_WAIT
  TCP w2k_machine:8080 XP_machine:4098 ESTABLISHED
  UDP w2k_machine:microsoft-ds *:*
  UDP w2k_machine:3001 *:*
  UDP w2k_machine:3456 *:*
  UDP w2k_machine:44337 *:*
  UDP w2k_machine:domain *:*
  UDP w2k_machine:bootps *:*
  UDP w2k_machine:bootpc *:*
  UDP w2k_machine:netbios-ns *:*
  UDP w2k_machine:netbios-dgm *:*
  UDP w2k_machine:netbios-ns *:*
  UDP w2k_machine:netbios-dgm *:*

How come so many ports are listening?
I'm running ICS on my w2k_machine, and my XP_machine connects through it.
I have a firewall installed.
But whyare all these ports listening?

Can anyone help me out?I've turned off all the services on the machine that
i don't need.
I'm running a webserver, ftpserver, mailserver, webmail and a remote access
program. (ports: 21, 25, 80, 110, 443, 8080 - these should be the only open
I've disabled netbios on the outgoing NIC, my computer is all up-to-date

Any ideas?

Thans in advance?

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