How to kill of Win32Trojan once and for all?

From: ©N„ikuli, Willićm© (fuck_at_spammer.notmyreale-mail)
Date: 08/10/03

Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 14:54:06 GMT

This was what happened, then I had to reinstall windows:

However, even right now, stuff is still happening:

Every 48 hours or so, my computer gives me a message that it has to
shut-down, and then it counts down and restarts automatically. This is after
formatting my hard-drive and reinstalling windows. This was the "infant"
stage of the virus before, until the computer started freezing as soon as I
started it.

Avast Anti-Virus didn't detect anything, even during booting.

What is this thing, where is it, and how do I kill it off once and for all?

Interstingly, when I do ctrl-alt-delete, the tasks/processes log doesn't
come up.

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