Re: How to design a secure file transfer application ?

From: ASMdood (
Date: 08/06/03

Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2003 10:45:31 GMT

On Tue, 05 Aug 2003 05:24:38 GMT, "George" <>

>I have various design options for a secure file transfer application.
>Basically I have a Win2k service (running on Box A) that needs to access
>some files located on another Win2k box (box B) on the same network (same
>Windows 2000 domain).
>My question is what are the pro and cons of having the files transferred
>using simple file copy versus a Winsock communication solution for
>transfering the files between the two boxes ? Which option is easier to
>secure and at the same time more robust and reliable ?
>I am leaning towards using the simple file copy:
>In this case, the files would sit on a share for which only a specific
>domain user would have read access. The service on box A would run as
>LocalSystem account and would impersonate the domain user, access the files
>and then revert to self. The application would need to store the
>credentials for the domain user. (Any suggestions how to store secrets in
>Windows 2000 ?)


SSH and SCP are your friends.