Re: Thanks for arch advice - see my photos here

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Date: 08/04/03

Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2003 16:41:35 -0700

Watch out Dark Angel (go search) boasts this function... real or not i
dontknow but check it out.


"Michael Shields" <> wrote in message
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> "Nehmo Sergheyev" <> wrote:
> > Well, Okay. where would this "content-type" thing be?
> It's sent by the web server along with the file. In Netscape or
> Mozilla, you can right-click and select "View Page Info" to see the
> types of the page ("text/html") and its images (for example
> "image/gif").
> > I know from experience that I'm probably not safe. But I still wouldn't
> > hesitate to click on a jpg.
> A URL ending in ".jpg" may not actually be a JPEG image. It could
> potentially be anything. There is no way to be safe; if your browser
> is going to execute active content when it finds it, then eventually
> it will, because active content could be at any URL.
> > You're not specific with your recommendations.
> Instead of avoiding attachments and links, get a browser that won't
> ever run executables without your explicit permission. Then you won't
> need to worry about what to click on. If your current browser is
> insecure, complain.
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> Shields.