ActiveDirectory i PAM

From: Krzysztof (
Date: 07/24/03

Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 15:43:01 +0200

Hi all, and first I must appologise for my language.
I try to explain what I must to do...

In my network all computers are in ActiveDirectory and all users loogin to
it. But I must change/set authorization schema for parts of day. I think
abaout something like add token to user/login data and verify token on AD.
Token will be not the same for all parts of day (4 parts 6hours). And my
question are:
1. Can I configure AD to change authorisation schema for user logon on on
other part of day. I meen not the same password, but user couldn't know
about it.
2. How to add to user login/pass some string(??) or other token and how to
repleace PAM in active directory with my version...

I was looking form sample/howto/FAQ on inet but noone trying to do it.
Have enyone suggestions?


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