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Date: 07/16/03

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 16:17:42 -0400

"Saint" <Lampargoogoo@fsnet.oc.ku> wrote in message
> I am sick to death of these bloody pop ups and can't locate where the
> on my PC is. I have disabled the Messenger function but this is not the
> cure.
> Can anyone tell me how to detect and rid myself of this thing?
> Cheers
> Saint

Depends on what you have in there that is causing the pop-ups. This general
proceedure should cure nearly everything though -

Go get SpyBot Search and Destroy - free
AdAware free version
Zone Alarm Pro Trial Download (you'll have to pay for it before 30 days are
up but it is worth every penny and you'll most likely get a special offer
for a discounted price) The trial is fully functional. [Do not bother with
the Pest Patrol trial - it shows what you have but won't remove it and
Spybot is the year's prize winner anyway]

Install and run both the AdAware and the Spybot in that order. After Spybot
has finished cleaning out your machine Click on the Immunize button - that
will keep more spyware from downloading. It does lots of other stuff too,
so read all the docs carefully. Make sure that you set both of the programs
to scan every time you reboot.

Install the ZA Pro. That has a really primo adblocker and will also block
cookies, scripts, etc. You can choose what you want to block by website
under Privacy/Sites. For nearly all sites, block everything - and don't
forget to look at the Options (right click on the site url in the list) to
block all the ads, expire cookies immediately and block scripts. You can
block sites in ZA - most users prompty block most ad servers.

Open IE and go to Tools/Internet Options. Click the Security tab at the
top. Click the Internet Zone icon and then Custom level. From the top -
Disable all ActiveX, disable File Download (you can turn it on again if you
really do want to download something), set Java permissions to either
Disable or High, Disable Access data sources across domains, disable Allow
Meta Refresh (that keeps them from serving new ads), disable mixed content,
Disable "don't prompt for certificate ...", Disable Installation of Desktop
items, Disable launching programs & files in Iframe, Disable navigate
subframes across domains, set software channel permissions to High, Prompt
for non-encrypted form data, disable user data persistence, Disable active
scripting, prompt for java applets. The couple that I didn't mention can be
set to enable or Autologon only in the Intranet zone.

Now go back to the screen and check to make sure that your Trusted Sites
Zone is EMPTY (not even Microsoft!) - and make sure you check that
frequently so it stays that way. A trusted site can do anything it wants no
matter what your settings otherwise might be.

Click the Privacy tab and choose Custom. Change first party cookies to
Prompt and Third-party cookies to Block. Do not check the always allow
session cookies.

Click the Connections Tab. Check the box that says Never dial a connection.
Click Add next to the box that shows your connections. Make yourself a new
internet connection using the dial up connection wizard - its really easy.
Use your own phone number for the number to connect to. Set that connection
as the default. That way anything trying to dial out without your knowledge
will get a busy signal ROFL :) Open the folder that contains your Dial Up
connections in My Computer and right click on your real internet connection
and make a shortcut on your destop - just double click to dial.

Click the Advanced tab - Make sure that BOTH Install On Demand listings
under browsing are *not* checked, along with automatically check for IE
updates. Then make sure that Check for Server certificate revocation, Warn
about invalid site certificates are checked.

Good luck - and if that doesn't fix it write again and someone I'm sure will
help you through more advanced trouble shooting.

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