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From: John E. Carty (
Date: 07/14/03

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    Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 14:46:50 GMT

    "Don Kelloway" <> wrote in message
    > "Depresion" <> wrote in message
    > news:KWwQa.9003$
    > > I was having a look through the my pictures folder in XP and found a
    > file
    > > who's name was simply ~ wondering what it was I opened it in notepad to
    > > find that is seems to contain all the e-mail addresses in outlook
    > express's
    > > contact list. In fact it looks to be a direct copy of the wab file, dose
    > anyone
    > > know of a program (virus/worm/Trojan type thing) that would have created
    > > this copy (I have an up to date Norton AV running) or is it more lightly
    > just
    > > an error?
    > >
    > What is the name of the file?
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    The file has no name, only ~. It is the result of windows update patch
    330994. You get the temp file after a change is made to your address book in
    Outlook Express. You can tell if you have applied this patch by opening
    Internet Explorer => Help =>About and seeing if the patch is listed there.

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