Re: Looking for particular kind of password-protection program

From: neopolaris (.)
Date: 07/08/03

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    Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 17:09:13 -0400

    Are you saying you desire passwords for your passwords or that you need a
    password manager? Consider using very "strong" passwords and change them
    frequently. Wait I just reread your example. What OS are you using?

    "JJ Marquez" <> wrote in message
    > What almost all of the encryption and protection programs do is "hide" the
    > file or folder, so it doesn't show up in an Explorer window, or (more
    > importantly to me) in the File Open command of a program's File Menu. This
    > means you have to know what files you have, and where they are, then
    > "unlock" them so that an application can access them.
    > Ideally, I'd love to find a password-protection program that will behave
    > exactly as if it were the password-protection component of *another*
    > application.
    > Example: I'm in a program, click on File/Open, and see a full list of
    > but when I try to open one, I am prompted to supply a password.
    > If anyone could do that, I'd buy it in a snap.

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