Re: Free Internet- What The Malicious Hackers Don't Want You To Know

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Date: 07/07/03

Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 00:24:40 +0100

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Chortle chortle

> I decided to click on my canceled ISP's Newsgroup Server name which was
still listed in my browser. When I was asked for my closed e-mail
address/password, I just typed it in and "voila", free News Server access.

Whoopee I've had free News & E-Mail access with Compuserve for 5 years ...
so what!?

> These Cable/Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) showed closed
> accounts were still accessible.

Yes your bandwidth/connection are cancelled but not necessarily your E-Mail
access etc this offers enough time to notify and transfer your account so
you don't lose that important e-mail ... a normal courtesy I would say.

<snip nonsense>

> Company revenue was given away for free.

Resources yes but revenue ..... Sheesh!

> Don't you care about the x amount of dollars given away daily? Let's say
50,000 general public, or malicious hackers using these accounts daily for
free. This is a loss of $24 a month x's 50,000 = $1.2 million a month, x's
this by 12 months = $14.4 million a year loss in company revenue which could
be in your pocket.

What a load of complete bollocks. Ok some resources are used hosting the
Mail Account or whatever but you still need bandwidth which you pay for to
access said accounts so no great loss to the ISP hosting your e-mail ....
jeez M$ and Yahoo do this for millions of people.

Oh God I didn't realise the original post was so long ......