Re: Thoughts on SafeBoot

From: Vdiskker (***_at_*.net)
Date: 07/02/03

Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2003 18:51:29 GMT

One other little glitch that I noticed in my short time with BestCrypt (but
forgot to mention) was that it couldn't figure out where to install the
Start/Programs group shortcuts. It always installed them in the Windows
default, not in the current user profile. So, the user who installed the
software (currently logged on) could not see the BestCrypt shortcuts from
the Start/Programs menu without digging for them with Windows Explorer or
equivalent. I've never had that happen before with the hundreds of titles I
use or have tried, and it was surprising coming from what appears to be a
relatively mature product. By the way, this was on a Win98 machine...I
didn't try it on XP.

"Vdiskker" <***@*.net> wrote in message

> BestCrypt seemed to work well, but it installed tons of things outside its
> own directory also. Not only files, but it added 37 keys and 65 values to
> the registry, and even when specifying not to install BCWipe during
> installation, you still get references to that program. The feature that I
> liked most about BestCrypt was the convenient ability to block deletion of
> containers (set by default), but I can handle this in other ways. Also,
> obscure error messages (caused by 2 initial faulty installations) had
> misspelled words and grammatical errors...spelling and grammar issues are
> not that big of a deal, but it just doesn't build confidence when you see
> these things. By the way, the faulty installs seemed to be caused by TDS3
> blocking installation of certain files as I couldn't get a clean install
> until TDS3 and its auto-protect module were shut down...that in itself
> concerns me).

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