Re: What the hell is a TROLL?

From: Bill Unruh (
Date: 06/22/03

Date: 22 Jun 2003 18:46:47 GMT

Robin T Cox <> writes:

]"Scuba Man" <> wrote in

]> The full saying's "don't feed the troll". Right? And I think it has
]> something to do with avoiding snide comments (and being thankful for n/g
]> postings). Enlighten a Cannuck, if you please.

It is the nounification of verb. It is not the little evil creature who lives
under a bridge. It comes from the action of dragging little pieces of metal with
hooks on them through the water to try to catch fish. This is called trolling in
the fishing literature. Thus to troll is to drag shiny things along to try to catch
stupid fish. The nounification comes from then saying that a troll is someone who trolls
(instead of the standard terms, which is fisherman). The implicit pun with the bridge
creature is presumably part of the attraction.

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