What the hell is a TROLL?

From: Scuba Man (pneem_at_KNOCKOFFTHESPAMhotmail.com)
Date: 06/21/03

Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 22:31:10 -0400

The full saying's "don't feed the troll". Right? And I think it has
something to do with avoiding snide comments (and being thankful for n/g
postings). Enlighten a Cannuck, if you please.

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> "Chris Mitchell" <chris.a.mitchell@MAPSONbtinternet.com> wrote:
> >Thanks for trying, but it's still doing it.
> >
> >Perhaps ZA is working OK.
> >
> >Guess I'll have to use one of the other more helpful suggestions!
> Troll.