Re: trojan found

From: rikkie (
Date: 06/19/03

Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 02:42:33 +0200

I recently experienced a tremendous surge in CPU-usage . Can this be
the result of this virus ? I've checked all the running processes in
the taskmanager , but there's nothing there that is using this CPU to
that extent , so it must be something else then a service or
application. Any suggestions ?? Also no suspect services running

As someone in the above posts said some of these virii have the
tendency to rename or even rewrite a known windows-system file , could
this be the case here ?

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>"John Coutts" <> wrote in message
>> Trojans are relatively easy to find compared to Spyware. They all must have an
>> open TCP port listening, so the hacker can gain access.
>Not all trojans are remote access trojans, in fact some only
>leak information outward.