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Date: 06/17/03

Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 15:07:06 -0700

"Chuck" <> wrote in message
> On Mon, 16 Jun 2003 09:32:12 -0700, "Scrumpy"
> <> wrote:
> >This may be outside the scope of this newsgroup, but I hope someone can
> >help. My 14 was given a laptop as a birthday present. I want to be able
> >monitor what is going-on on the laptop from my desktop. He is connected
> >the home LAN with a 802.11b card and is using Windows XP Home. I am
> >hardwired to the LAN and running Windows XP Pro.
> >
> >My goal is to be able to see his screen at any time, covertly would be
> >preferred. How can I set up his machine for such a connection? I would
> >also like to be able to see his history of websites visited while I was
> >away.
> >
> >Thank you for any help,
> >Scrumpy
> Hi Scrumpy,
> This newsgroup generally focuses on preventing activities which you
> are describing.
> That said, there are any number of remote desktop programs that will
> allow you to do that. Possible questions you need to consider:
> - How do you intend to install the tool on (your son's?) computer?
> - How proficient in finding the installed tool might your son? be?
> - How do you wish to protect the tool from being disabled?
> - How will he feel if he discovers you've been (are?) monitoring his
> activities?
> There are numerous general purpose discussion groups in Usenet, such
> as, windows, ???) (assuming that
> the systems in question are running M$ Windoze). Also you MIGHT get
> help in something like the ExtremeTech or PCMagazine browser based
> discussions. Try:
> Please consider very carefully the benefit of covertly monitoring him,
> vs the loss of trust and possible resentment should he find out on his
> own what you are doing.
> Chuck Croll
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Thank you for the reply Chuck,

I've let him know that I can and will be checking his machine. I just
didn't want him to know when I was watching. Kind of like what happens in
a work environment.

Thank you once again,