Re: Quick and Easy Ways To See If Your Windows System is Hacked Owned

From: Brad (
Date: 06/15/03

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    Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 00:34:46 -0600

    "Tracker" <"snailmail(invalid)222000"> wrote in message
    > > And why are The Trackers any more honourable than these
    > > so-called hackers of which you speak?
    > >
    > > --
    > > - Use it, you know you want to.
    > > If you're too scared to go look for yourself, ask me
    > > about COTSE. I'd be happy to tell you about it.
    > >The Trackers would like a copy, but that's another story in itself.
    > And why are The Trackers any more honourable than these
    > so-called hackers of which you speak?
    > Here is my short version for the night to your simple question. Because
    > "The Trackers" have achieved what "No Man Or Woman Has Accomplished In The
    > Entire Hacking World And Wrote And Published A Book.
    > Tracker
    > Beef's fiancee

    "Tracker" - I've been avoiding joining the bandwagon that just jumps in with
    personal attacks upon you - I came to this board to study and learn computer
    security. But much of the information I've seen from you contradicts
    accepted industry standards.

    Your claim that the fact that the wrote and published a book is hardly a
    valid retort to the inquiry into you "honorability" within the computer
    security world. I've seen a mess of published works in the field, some good
    and some bad. And the history of publishing has show that anybody with a
    printing press can publish a book. Now, as you have yourself advertised,
    anybody with a CD burner, or a just a web site, can publish a book.

    Something the security community, and the general community especially,
    NEEDS, is arguments against the many common misconceptions held within the
    public sector. Would you be interested in a reputable expert in Computer
    Security stepping in and analyzing your book, giving feedback for the
    general public to learn from? (Not me, obviously - I'm a novice still
    seeking the "right" answer.)

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