Re: Nessus?

From: David Utidjian (
Date: 06/08/03

Date: Sun, 08 Jun 2003 15:37:39 GMT

On Sun, 08 Jun 2003 03:47:38 -0400, Ron B. wrote:

> I may decide to go ahead and learn it just for the experience.

Go ahead and try nessus out. It really is a very thorough program. After
you have made a run on your network... it will give very detailed
analyses for each exploit or potential exploit it finds including an
explanation, how to fix it , and references.

> On XP, A/V always up to date and I am running the freeware version of
> ZoneAlarm.
> I have "minimal" command line experience. I can do very simple stuff
> like compile and install program sources and run Gnupg and PGP at the
> terminal level. I know how to use and follow man and info programs.
> More complex things like writing and editing programs in EMACS or VI is
> way over my head. I don't think that I'm much of a threat to S.B. or
> Microsoft as I am perhaps a rarebird in this case.

You might be surprised how common your type of bird is. For the most part
Linux does not require any special commandline knowledge in order to be
productive with it. Red Hat 9 is especially this way... they buried the
terminal under Start --> System (or something). My father has been using
Linux exclusively for 4 years and has never ever touched the commandline.
Where I work the students (non-Computer Science) use it all the time for
plain old word processing, surfing and listening to music... most of them
never open a terminal. Some have been using it for 3 years and have a
.bash_history file of length 0.

Steve Ballmer has plenty to worry about... but I don't think he worries
much about money.