help please

From: BB (
Date: 05/16/03

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    Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 21:42:46 -0500

    I'm in a bit of a spot and need some help so if any of you here (and quite a
    few seem to qualify) would see your way clear to offering suggestions I sure
    would be so gratefull.
    I have forgotten my password to my content advisor <win 95....please no
    snickering...economically challenged :)>as I foolishly set one up in 1995
    and thought I'd remember forever...p.c. had a glitch and I lost some files
    now I can't access any web pages at all as I am getting messages saying that
    the pages have no ratings set..blah, do I reset this without
    reinstalling...alas no setup disk any longer...okay I hear eyes rolling; LOL
    ...but it sure is hard to keep a pc running smooth and intact with good
    software all these years...
    any help would be appreciated...any way at all?...can access my email and
    new obviously....

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