Re: Tracker is Glowing and Shining

From: Mimic (gn0rty_at_gn0rties.ville)
Date: 05/03/03

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    Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 17:01:58 +0100

    "Thund3rstruck" <Thund3rstruck_n0i@hotmail.comremove> wrote in message
    > Mimic wrote:
    > > "Jeff Cochran" <> wrote in message
    > >> Damn! Sure is hard to reach the keyboard rolling around down here on
    > >> the floor. Plus, I'm not sure but I may have peed my britches...
    > >>
    > >> Jeff
    > >
    > > Thats what wireless kb's are for ;D
    > > made especially for the readers of trackers posts, who spend 90% of the
    > > time rolling on the floor heh
    > And in Re: "Jeff's Britches", Here's what happens when I am about to
    > enter this group.
    > I put down everything I'm eating or drinking, use the restroom, then
    > back. Haven't lost any skivvies, monitors, or keyboards since I started
    > that. <G>
    > NOI

    hehe makes sense, ill have to try it sometime.

    "Without Knowledge you have fear, With fear you create your own nightmares."
    "There are 10 types of people in this world. Those that understand Binary,
    and those that dont".

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