Re: Tracker is Glowing and Shining

From: Thund3rstruck (Thund3rstruck_n0i_at_hotmail.comremove)
Date: 05/03/03

Date: Sat, 03 May 2003 10:35:28 -0400

Mimic wrote:

> "Jeff Cochran" <> wrote in message
>> Damn! Sure is hard to reach the keyboard rolling around down here on
>> the floor. Plus, I'm not sure but I may have peed my britches...
>> Jeff
> Thats what wireless kb's are for ;D
> made especially for the readers of trackers posts, who spend 90% of the
> time rolling on the floor heh

  And in Re: "Jeff's Britches", Here's what happens when I am about to
enter this group.

  I put down everything I'm eating or drinking, use the restroom, then come
back. Haven't lost any skivvies, monitors, or keyboards since I started
that. <G>