Re: Problem installing IE 6

From: Donut (
Date: 04/15/03

From: Donut <>
Date: 15 Apr 2003 03:28:12 GMT

G. Morgan <> wrote in

> Some guy named Donut <> Proclaimed on 15 Apr 2003
> 00:05:02 GMT,
>>Never mind. I just formatted the disk and did a clean install. Needed
>>doing anyway.
>>I remember how IE got "broke" now. I use MS Works Word Processor (hey,
>>it came on the computer.) There was no installation disk, so I bought
>>one on ebay for backup purposes. Naturally, I had to reinstall it at
>>some point. The disk I bought was machine specific, and insisted on
>>installing IE 5.01 if it couldn't detect IE. Naturally, it couldn't
>>detect IE 5.5 since it didn't know about it. I stopped the process as
>>soon as I saw it begin, but obviously some files got overwritten.
>>I tried reinstalling IE 5.5 from the WinME disk, but apparently there
>>was some corruption of IE from within Windows. It worked fine, but
>>would not allow IE 6 to install.
>>Long winded explanation for a simple problem, really.
> Glad you fixed it. I take it after reformatting you installed a
> better OS than Windoze me??? :)
> -Graham

I had to reinstall what I have. :(

I ordered Peanut Linux today. Problem is that Linux does not (yet) support
built in Winmodems like mine. I'll have a chance to learn how to use it
before buying a new modem. Could be that Linux will have support for these
modems one day, too.