Re: Stealth vs. Blocked

From: David (
Date: 04/12/03

From: "David" <>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 23:40:00 GMT

Well now we have two (of many) specific reasons for all the nonbelievers to
not only consider using a firewall (or at least cable/dsl router) but also
"stealthing" or dropping packets (or at least limiting or denying specific
ICMP responses).
I think the problem is that "stealthing" is sort of a misnomer since it's
main benefit has very little to do with actually "hiding" your connection.
> > I suspect you mean broadcast ICMP echo packets......Hence Smurf attack.
> No, I was referring to broadcast UDP packets sent to the "echo" port
> (udp/7). This is one form of the "Fraggle" attack.