Major digital certificate problem - need help

From: Mary (
Date: 04/11/03

From: Mary <>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 21:38:15 GMT

To all,

Environment: Private investigator using Verisign digital certificates
in Outlook 2001.

Here's the chain of events:

1. 6 months ago, 5 remote users and I apply for and install digital
certificates in Outlook 2001. We exchange signed mail to capture
each other's keys.

2. Everything works as expected after that, we can both send and
relieve encrypted e-mails, and do so for 6 months without incident.

3. A few days ago: My hard drive crashes without a complete backup
(yeah ... I know, I know), and has to be rebuilt from scratch.

4. I went to the Verisign web site to reinstall my certificate in
Outlook, but discover that I've lost my passphrase (I know, I know ...
a lot of my computer lessons in life nave been hard-won, including
this one) ... so I apply for and install a new certificate. (Pleading
with Verisign, and willing to exchange whatever information they may
have required, on bended knee for the passphrase didn't work.)

5. I re-exchange keys (as a test) with one of the 5 users using my new
certificate (she still has her old certificate, I have a new one).
She installed my new certificate in Outlook and *overwrites* my old

6. I download her certificate from Verisign and install it in her
record in the Contact folder.

Here are the consequences:

1. When I attempt to send a new encrypted e-mail to her, I get the
following message from Outlook:

"MS Outlook had problem encrypting this message because the following
recipients had missing or invalid certificates or conflicting or
unsupported encryption capabilities."

(Outlook gives me only the option to send it unencrypted.)

Can anyone offer some advice on how to attack this problem?