Re: My Security/Hacker/Internet book is almost ready

From: Lars M. Hansen (
Date: 04/07/03

From: Lars M. Hansen <>
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2003 16:38:32 GMT

On Mon, 07 Apr 2003 05:22:06 +0400, Tracker spoketh

>Jeff Cochran wrote:
>> Please tell us you at least had an editor who understood grammar. Oh
>> yeah, right. Sorry. Self-publishing.
>> Jeff
>We aren't proud of the ways we trapped the malicious hackers, but it was
>well worth it to help millions of people world wide. Just remember, the
>way a person speaks in stupid ways, the easier it is to trap the
>malicious hackers. I Thank "The Trackers" for their stupidity in
>tracking the hackers because I could have never done it alone.
>Beefs ol'lady

That doesn't make any sense ... even coming from you, that is the most
ridiculous statement ever. You're thanking yourself for your own
stupidity so you could track the hackers because you couldn't have done
it alone?

6000 pages? What, you got 4-inch margins on those pages?

Lars M. Hansen
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