Re: Microsoft Warns of New Windows Flaw (March 19, 2003 )

From: Heather (
Date: 03/23/03

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    From: "Heather" <>
    Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 02:16:15 -0500

    "Bill Blanton" <> wrote in message
    > "Heather" <> wrote in message
    > > Hi Mr. Bill.......long time since I have seen you on here. I have a
    > > couple of questions.....
    > Hello, Miss Heather :-) I don't come here much...I was crossposted
    > once and have since been seen lurking occasionally. Questions..what
    > questions..?

    Oops......didn't see the Xpost. But glad to see you still around. I
    shall have to visit that other group........grin!!
    > > I am now sitting here with 4 patches and updates for WinME that I
    > > NOT being the infamous Feb. Cumulative Patch
    > > which royally mucked up OE for XP and ME users. I luckily had
    > > warning on that one from one of the MVP's and didn't download
    > >
    > > What in hell is happening with Microsoft these days and their
    > > and patches???? Are we being given a patch that is not fully
    > > Are we the beta testers? The Update news group is full of very
    > > people......I no longer follow it (grin). But the worst offender
    > > that 810847......and finally a Microsoft employee came on there to
    > > explain what MS was doing to fix the mess they created.
    > Is that the one that introduced a "BSOD" bug via mshtml.dll? I haven't
    seen any
    > problem with that one on my XP machine, but have heard that it is
    > a lot of problems. And isn't it still buggy and still available for
    > That's seems to be part the problem. MS can't admit they released
    > code and deal with it in a responsible manner. Instead they offer up
    > and workarounds on top of the fix.

    Yep......that is the one. I remember now seeing the mshtml.dll file
    mentioned many times. I must check the Update group and see if it is
    still causing problems........I didn't realize it was giving BSOD's, but
    did know that it was crashing XP OE constantly.
    > IKWYM.. I usually wait 'em out anymore. Let the "gung ho to stay up
    > date" gang test 'em. After I get the "all's clear", I go get mine.

    Me too, what's a week or month......if there are problems. 8-))
    > > Just airing the latest developments.......from my perspective as one
    > > has suffered from these patches/updates.
    > So what was the question?..
    > ;-)

    I it old age, grin!! I guess I was just kvetching
    about the damned patches that are worse than the perceived problems!!
    > > Cheers on a rainy, nasty Toronto afternoon......Heather
    > And cheers to you too, from a warm and sunny Florida...
    > (it's customary to let you northerners know how warm it is down here
    > when we hear how nasty it is up there, but we keep quiet when it
    > gets too hot <grins>) realize we have had one awful winter.......but then again, I
    hate 40 degree weather (100+ to you Yanks.....grin). So in the summer
    you can come up here and enjoy some 'cool'.


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