Re: I did the unthinkable !

From: Bill Unruh (
Date: 03/20/03

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    From: (Bill Unruh)
    Date: 20 Mar 2003 19:05:00 GMT

    WW <""WW\"@> writes:

    ]I cant believe it. I accidentally F-disked 20GB of un-backed up data.
    ]What a knucklehead.

    ]Is there any way to retrieve this? Doesnt the FBI get into peoples
    ]erased disks and retrieve the information somehow. Is there any hope to
    ]get this back?

    How much money do you have? Maybe a million or two might do it, if the
    data was really erased.

    However just fdisking it changes the partition table, not the data on
    the partition. Thus if you can make the partition table exactly as it
    was befor, you have a chance that nothing has changed. DO you have a
    backup of that table? (Ie try running fdisk again repartion the disk to
    exactly the same as it was, and see if stuff is still there). Note that
    if you ran mk2fs or some other such program to make a file system on
    that disk as well as just fdisking it, they you are in deeper trouble.

    You could do a dd of the whole disk onto another partition, and then
    search through all 20GB of stuff for the relevant text.

    Of course, after that institute a backup program. Even just putting
    another large disk onto another machine and copying over all the stuff
    every night in a cron job.

    ]Anybody have ANY suggestions?

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