Re: limiting the 'ps' command

From: kare langedrag (
Date: 03/15/03

From: "kare langedrag" <>
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 19:11:48 +0100

the solutions should be simple...

as you say, you only want user to run 'ps -u $LOGNAME' and nothing else

you can solve this easily by disallowing all users to run the ps command
(disable the executable bit for others...)

then you can make your own ps file which is a just a bash script that
executes the ps -u $LOGNAME command
and put it in /usr/bin (and eventually move the old ps filt to /urs/sbin or

"Erald Troja" <> skrev i melding
> i am trying to find out a way to limit regular users in the way they use
> the 'ps' command
> e.g when one does 'ps -A' or 'ps -e' one would be able to only see one's
> own other terms i like to have users only be able to do
> 'ps -u $LOGNAME' and nothing else
> restricting users so they only see what processes they are running is
> what i'm trying to do
> -thanx in advance
> -Erald Troja