Re: strange,confusing system me a headache...

From: Doug Dinsdale (
Date: 03/15/03

From: Doug Dinsdale <>
Date: 15 Mar 2003 17:21:50 GMT

On Sat, 15 Mar 2003 16:51:35 GMT "memimi" <> wrote..

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>> > mike
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>> Sandi's page is regularly updated, and although I know you have XP (which
>> why I first sent you an XP link) I don't reckon that AOL have got any less
>> persistent or nightmarish in the annoyance they inflict on some people.
>> them at your own risk - the main risk being that you no longer have
>> over what happens on your own system. The choice is yours.
>> Good Luck
>> Robin
>Hey Robin.
> thank you again, i will definitely check it out further.
>whether it's Aol or not, at least you took time out to help.
A Trojan infection could give you symptoms like you describe and would not necessarily be shown with Adaware of Spybot

Try one or more of these
1. Online trojan scans at

2. Free Trojan software - need this in addition to antivirus and antispyware - run it regularly

3. TDS - most comprehensive Trojan scanner - but requires more in-depth knowledge. Has free trial

4. Check which ports you have open and what they are connecting to. Active Ports is freeware which will show you if you have any Trojans phoning home or listening for connections

5. For proactive protection against malware get a free Registry monitoring tool such as RegProt
This will stop malware writing to your Registry without you knowing it.
This alone will protect you against the action of most viruses and trojans


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