Re: strange,confusing system me a headache...

From: memimi (
Date: 03/15/03

From: "memimi" <>
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 16:51:35 GMT

> >
> > mike
> >
> Sandi's page is regularly updated, and although I know you have XP (which
> why I first sent you an XP link) I don't reckon that AOL have got any less
> persistent or nightmarish in the annoyance they inflict on some people.
> them at your own risk - the main risk being that you no longer have
> over what happens on your own system. The choice is yours.
> Good Luck
> Robin

Hey Robin.

                thank you again, i will definitely check it out further.
whether it's Aol or not, at least you took time out to help.


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