Re: Is an MS Word document executable?

From: Tony (
Date: 03/14/03

From: "Tony" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 21:16:22 GMT

"Bill Unruh" <> wrote in message
> "Tony" <> writes:
> ]I recently sent an e-mail with an MS Word document attached. It was
> ]rejected by the company's e-mail gateway (snip)

> Yes, accept it, and befor you put in an attachment, ask if it would not
> be much better sent as plain text, which everyone can read.

Why do you think I don't do that? I strongly believe that text should be
used where possible. I have been flamed in the past for asking people not
to post to newsgroups in HTML.

However groups working on major projects need to exchange formatted
documents, drawings, spreadsheets and so on. There is usually an agreement
at the start of the project on file formats and program versions to be used.

My question is really, what's a "manual check" (with inevitable delay) going
to discover that can't be found by an up to date virus checker?

Since you ask when my software was last updated, I might as well say that I
am fanatical about applying security patches and my AV program was
automatically updated about four times in the last week. I never give other
people MS Word, etc, documents with macros as I assume that they might be
worried by it. But as you rightly say, the other side should not assume I
am to be trusted. They must do checks. It is not a question of whether,
but how.

Tony W