Re: ANN: NetPeeker 2.5

From: Ming Jin (
Date: 03/02/03

From: "Ming Jin" <>
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2003 10:05:29 GMT

Have you ever tried it?
Have you ever go to the forum to see what others said about NetPeeker.
Yes. I cannot make you trust me because you don't know me.
But, how can you tell I am a fraud? becuase you don't know me.
Yes, I am unemployed. But what make me creating NetPeeker is not after my
unemployment, it was before it!
How can you be sure that other security product does not have spyware?
You trust them because you know them; you don't trust NetPeeker because you
don't know it, right ?

Ming Jin

"Don Jenkins" <> wrote in message
> Ming Jin wrote:
> > A powerful personal network tool.
> How can we be sure that your program does not have any spyware, trojans,
> malware, etc.? Just your word is not good enough.
> On your website you say:
> "Every day I will download gigabytes from Internet.
> Sometimes after I downloaded one freeware and installed it, it will
> install some Ad-ware somewhere I don't know. I cannot get rid off them
> even if I removed that freeware. They access internet without my notice.
> Sometimes my IE will freeze after I click one link, holding there for
> more than 10 seconds and making me really crazy. I want a tool to let me
> totally control my network."
> Frankly, you appear to be clueless about security. There is NO defense
> against downloading and installing unknown software. None. Period.
> Elsewhere you say:
> "Why did I make NetPeeker? I make it because I need it."
> No, you made it because you are unemployed: "I cannot find new job
> I think you're a fraud.
> Have a nice day.