Re: Sharing folders on XP

From: Prosys (
Date: 03/01/03

From: "Prosys" <>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 23:00:06 GMT

You mean equally important and I agree. Configuring a firewall can be a
challenging task. I like those firewalls that ask me what to do for each
connection so I can build the rules as I go.
But even more complex than a firewall is a router. Those things take the
prize for ambiguity in my book. So many options with such specific terms
and odd naming conventions. When did all this arise and are there any

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> If you do not have a firewall between your system and the Internet, the
> shares would be open to accessibility. More important to having the
> firewall is ensuring that it's configured correctly.
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> > Hello all,
> > If I share a folder on windows XP and then connect to the internet is
> > shared folder visible or accessible on the internet?
> > thanks.
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