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Date: 02/25/03

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   Me <here@there.go> wrote:
> I see this and I always say: "so what". What is the likelyhood that
> you're ever going to be exchaning information that the NSA is even
> remotely interested in? Good lord, if you've been deemed a national
> security interest, you've got a lot bigger worries than who can decrypt
> your emails.

Isnt't that the whole point of using strong encryption in the first place?
To stop yourself becoming someone the NSA is interested in?

If you've a political activist or connected with groups in outlawed
countries, then the NSA snooping your mail might alert them to the fact
they might want to keep an eye on you. If your mail is encrypted, then all
they know is you're encrypting mail, but they don't know what the subject

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