Re: Credit Card Frauld Per GRC

From: Bill Unruh (
Date: 02/18/03

From: (Bill Unruh)
Date: 18 Feb 2003 07:07:38 GMT (snailmail) writes:

]We hear about really serious criminal hackers who get up to stealing
]card details and other information theft. What I am interested to
]know is
]how risky is it for these guys to get away with what they do?

You want to know if you should join them? No, you need to do a lot more

]Hackers use pre-paid cards and phone booths for their actitives, which
]Telecommunication Companies won't investigate for shi*.

??? HOw do they use "re-paid cards and phone booths"? I can just see a
hacker balancing his computer on one of those narrow shelves of a phone
booth, hooking into....What? If an ISP he leaves a trail-- he has to log
in, and he might as well do that from the comfort of home.

]But what about a criminal hacker? Are the most experienced of these
]guys so
]meticulous and confident in their ability to cover their tracks in
]cyberspace that they can be literally certain that no one will ever be
]to trace them

]You bet your ass they hide. It costs tons of money to track down
]Proxy Servers these hackers abuse. Last my attorney told me, to
]subpoena one Internet Service Provider costs $5,000.

]From what I've researched, unless a hacker takes down a Network or
]Server, you can forget about tracking the movements of hackers. This
]of course, doesn't include "The Trackers" who have been tracking
]hacker movements and contacting approciate Companies.

]FBI work on how much a Company has lost financially to the malicious

]I still am very scared of giving my card details over the internet
]though every website says it is secure etc.

]Any company on the Internet has a phone number to purchase their
]product, use it. Do the same!

Hmm, Have you heard about telephone tapping? And how much can you trust
that person at the other end of the line who takes your credit card
number? And that person enters the number into a computer, probably over
a telephone or internet line, since the computer database of the company
is probably elsewhere (India?, the nearest federal Pen?).

Maybe you should make sure that you only buy in person for cash.