Am I Secure (sygate's port scanner)

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Date: 02/18/03

From: (snailmail)
Date: 17 Feb 2003 23:04:35 -0800

I'm using winXPpro. I have a connection to Telus ADSL (one of the largest
ADSL hookups in Canada), via ethernet, d-link modem - both behind an
SMC-4port router. Zone Alarm Free is firewall.

> > I don't find a post where you say which OS you are using. If you are
> > using W2K or XP, you can try TCPView, which will show you which programs
> > are using which ports. I have a hard time believing you are running a
> > web server, a telnet server, a SSH server, and a DNS server. What type
> > of Internet connection (and hardware) do you have? Who is your ISP?

I downloaded TCPview and am posting the log below... "swagent.exe" and
"swsoc.exe" are apparently some part of Dreamweavers fileserver system. I
am not knowledgeable enough about computers to interpret the other results.


If on a Windows Platform (excluding 2000,NT,XP)
Port 1025 if open can host three Trojan Horses. Too tired to address the rest.


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