Re: Strong Passwords Revisited

From: nameless (
Date: 02/14/03

From: "nameless" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 16:54:43 GMT

Howie wrote:

> I tell my people the best passwords are acronyms of phrases that mean
> nothing to anyone else plus a number that has some personal meaning.
> For instance: My 4th grade teacher was memorable to me in that she
> destroyed my ability to learn for years, so it's easy for me to
> remember "Mrs. Garin Ruined My Life" which gives me 'mgrml' and I
> follow it with the year it took place, 1962, so my unforgettable,
> practically unbreakable password now is 'mgrml1962'.

I hope that was just an example password, rather than the one you
actually use...

What did Mrs. Garin do, smack you upside the head with a book?

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