Re: Web Site Decrypting

From: DaveK (no.spam@my.mailbox.invalid)
Date: 02/12/03

From: "DaveK" <no.spam@my.mailbox.invalid>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 00:00:09 -0000

"Vlad Tsyrklevich" <root@> wrote in message
> On Sat, 08 Feb 2003 08:07:02 -0800, Scott wrote:
> > Good Day,
> Hello.
> > I am going to encrypt the parms that I pass around on my website for
> > page-to-page communication. (i.e. It
> > would be painfully obvious to most what value I was encrypting (order
> > no.).
> >
> > Would knowing the clear text value AND the encrypted value help someone
> > learn my encrypting key?
> Yes, you can encrypt their password with their password as the key and
> that will make stop that issue :-).

Best thing would be to encrypt a session key with the pw (or a hash of it)
as a symmetric key and let it be decrypted - or not - at the user's end by
using the pw again.

> > I use a fairly standard encrypting method set to 128-bit.
> You might want to use POST method instead of GET because it's much safer
> (ie. no paramater tampering)

Nonsense. It's as easy to forge a POST as it is to rewrite the HTML of a
webpage to tamper with the form and disable the javascript parameter
validation. Never trust anything you receive from a client.


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