Re: U.S. Military Role in SQL Slammer Worm Attack

From: Joe (
Date: 02/08/03

From: "Joe" <>
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2003 05:21:16 GMT

Think about it for a minute, the attack was first felt in N Korea, the
previous attacks like CR were believed to be orrigionated from NK colleges
and there is some theories that China was involved as well.
These are test attacks designed and sponcered by some goverment agency to be
sure, but the TARGET is the US Military, not the US Military targeting other
countries. This is an old exploit the vulnerability has been know and a
patch available for over 6 months now.
As for Conspiracy Theories goes this one is kind of transparrent. There is
going to be a major global attack in the near futrue, these last few were
nothing, just test attacks. So think of who would gain the most by mucking
up the US Military and Financial Institutions for a while and there is who
is responsible for these attacks.