Re: Anonamous re mailers

From: m0f0 (
Date: 02/05/03

From: "m0f0" <>
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 04:29:54 -0000

Well i know that *now*
but they could be anywhere, they could b here, they could b you

"alan" <alan@alan.alan> wrote in message
> you don't need a re-mailer,
> you need the good sense to not go play with the hacker boys.
> A
> "m0f0" <> wrote in message
> news:uS%%9.3696$
> > What i need is like you guyz have, i right click on a post and go into
> > properties,and your reply addresses are not real and your details are
> bogus,
> > on my usenet posts, it shows my details, ok so i changed that, but that
> does
> > not stop hackerz getting my e-mail address, b coz all they got to do is
> > right click and click "reply to sender" and hey presto they got my
> > e-mail...This is what my mission is.. I went into a hackerz N G and
> started
> > posting, and b fore i knew it my pc was messed up, it was so bad i could
> > bearly use it, it was obvious i had been "owned", in the end i
> > the dam thing and it still played up, f-disk'ed the HDD reinstalled,
> > problems, i had enough so i purchased a new 120G HDD a new motherboard
> > CPU and started again...So you see it has cost me dearly and im now
> > desperate to get this "stealthed IP", I was told that a NAT router would
> > solve my problem so i got the best one i could afford, 200 notes it
> > and im still totally visable and wide open to attack, im taking a big
> > just posting this, but when i get sorted with this "anonymous thing" i
> will
> > reinstall again, get a new IP and start again
> > Any help with this will b most appreciated
> > Thanx
> >
> >