Re: Think your being monitored while your on the net?

Date: 02/04/03

Date: 4 Feb 2003 13:07:25 -0500

In article <pGS%9.1632$>,
keylogger <> wrote:
> Think your partner is spying on you while your on your computer? What about
>your Boss?
>Is your Spouse cheating on you though the net? Thinking about buying
>software to catch them.
>Don't buy that software until you visit us first, make sure you don't waist
>your money on garbage software that doesn't work. We don't sell
>software..... We just help and support the visitors....

Is "waisting" your money a side effect of what happens when you eat your
money, or is it when you put it in a secret money belt??

Computers are like air conditioning.
Neither one works when you open windows.

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