Disable NetBios over TCP/IP??

From: Netmasker (netmasker@yahoo.com)
Date: 01/31/03

From: netmasker@yahoo.com (Netmasker)
Date: 31 Jan 2003 13:30:21 -0800

My windows 2000 SP3 server is an Active Directory/DNS/proxy/file/print/mail
server (but it does not run WINS) for my LAN ONLY. It has a private IP that
is translated to a static internet IP from a router that gives access to the
With the "Enable NetBios over TCP/IP" selected my server broadcasts all of
its shares to the internet, as I noticed when I scanned my server with
'grc.com' scan tool.
Of course I can use (and I use) a firewall to protect my netbios open ports
but apart from the firewall what else can I do to prevent internet invaders
from seeing my shares?
How expedient is it to "Disable NetBios over TCP/IP"? Will it affect my LAN
operation in some way??